Why Wood Decor? And Why Laser Cut?

Updated: Jan 21

There are a lot of beautiful and unique options to decorate your home. New ways to DIY or buy decor are coming out all the time. You can even 3D print or laser cut things yourself if you have the money to invest in your decorating projects! Despite all the new styles and trends, the true classics never go out of style. Wood decor has always been rustic and beautiful, and now with laser precision cutting? Wood decor can add modern warmth to your space in whole new ways! So why do we laser cut all of our products at Hearts By Alpha? Laser cutting offers it all! With professional laser cutting machinery you get: flexibility, precision, repeatability, speed, cost-effectiveness, great quality, and unmatched versatility. Intricate cuts are no problem for a laser. Instead of shops that have to set up new tools for every new job (or unique feature) a laser can precisely keep going. Which means less labor, which means passing those savings on cost to you! An accuracy of +/-0.1 mm gives an opportunity to achieve high precision without any after-treatment. That means that even if you have the smallest of features on your design? Our lasers and layout team can handle the challenge! Laser beats thermal plasma/flame cutting in every speed test imaginable. And can easily repeat the same job flawlessly time and again. Which means we get your job to you even faster, even if you need 500 of the exact same product! Laser cutting also offers the smallest possible "heat affected zone". Which means that your products will stay sturdy for a longer time. This means your products near never need replacing. Give gifts that last a lifetime!

But aren't lasers for manufacturing stuff? What does this have to do with decor? Laser cut products are as versatile as your imagination can create! Check out our fully customized shop to see just a few examples of how far laser cut decor can go! And we're not the only ones talking about the exciting benefits of laser cutting in the world of home interiors/exterior decor! Here are a few of our favorite articles that have been published in the last few years talking about the hot new trend of laser cut custom decor. BossLaser were manufacturers offering snippets on their blog to their B2B customers

BenchMaster WoodWorx wanted to show their customers how beautiful it can be

Ideal Home UK loves wood decor!

Designed Simple wants to keep it basic

The Wall Street Journal even caught onto the trend! Is wood decor even popular right now? What wood decor ideas are trending? Wood decor could not be bigger! We're seeing it at weddings, in man caves, displayed in kitchens and dining rooms, funky kid's room name signs, even door knockers and outside signage on barns can be found in beautiful laser cut wood! People are finding new and innovative ways to make wood decor stand out for all of their design ideas, from rustic to modern. With the full customization options at Hearts By Alpha, you can too! Some of our favorite articles to show beautiful laser cut wood design ideas :

Jen Woodhouse's blog has 20 cute DIY projects to try out!

Select Blinds thinks wood is the best way to wow your visitors

HomeBNC has some ideas they're convinced you'll love

Better Homes and Gardens loves raw wood too

Spacify has some STUNNING wood wall decor ideas

Click on the gallery above to see some of the beautiful ways customers have already displayed our custom laser cut wood decor products

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